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Project Description
This Project leverages the Kinect's sensors to form the eyes and ears of a Virtual personal assistant. Inspired by Siri this project aims in creating a simple AI system which can understand both speech and visual gestures of a person to aid him in his daily routine life.  

About he Project

There are a lot of Virtual Personal Assistant's Siri,Project Jarvis, Cyman System but they only use voice inputs they cant see you. This project bridges that gap it uses kinect as its eyes and does some really cool things.

And there is a proposition to even add some cool avatars with emotions that would make a really awesome personal assistant. has cool avatars and its TTS is also so excellent.    

This System(not named yet) runs on local machine unlike Siri.

A set of relays are hooked up to the parallel port which are used to control lights, fans and any other hardware equipment you can dream of. 

This project uses Kinect for Windows SDK and the the license statement is here :

 For all of you who are new to codeplex (I am expecting some who dont, to come and check this) go to and if you wish so you can check out the MSDN tutorial at



This is the GUI of the Virtual Personal Assistant

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